Our Waterfowl hunts are mainly out of a traditional "Currrituck Scissor-Rig" in a comfortable 20' foot boat. NO WADERS REQUIRED!  If you have never hunted in a scissor-rig, you owe it yourself to give it a try! If you have hunted one before, then you know how successful they can be. I have guided out of one for over 15 years now and know the tricks it takes to make this method of hunting successful.

We target everything from pintails to sea ducks, geese and swans. The good thing about the scissor rig is that it's 100% mobile. WE GO TO THE DUCKS.  

1 to 4 hunters to the boat and we dont mix parties. 
We can also accommodate larger groups in up to 5 different boats.

      $225/person   $500 boat/blind minimum.​ 

Ask about our new Lake Mattamuskeet shore blind- guided or unguided
Rates starting at $250 


"a scissor rig is one self contained, highly mobile, killing unit..."
           Charlie Wilson,  Manns Harbor, NC

Scissor tied out in Currituck Sound